About Us

Lawyers for Startups

Since 2009 we’ve been helping people like you turn their vision for a business into reality – advising them on the type of entity that’s best for their particular circumstances, legal considerations they need keep in mind, and ways to protect themselves as their businesses grow. Clients told us over and over again that they were tempted to form their companies at do-it-yourself websites, but they really wanted a lawyer to help them cut through all the choices, make sure they were doing it right, and take care of the paperwork for them.

They told us they wanted a way to combine the convenience of online business formation with the personal service of their own lawyer – and they wanted it all for an affordable, clear price. We listened, creating PUSHTOSTART in 2013 to meet their needs and yours.

Since then entrepreneurs of all kinds have been starting their businesses with PUSHTOSTART – from filmmakers to furniture makers, from tech gurus to travel bloggers. All of them are people who need to spend their time running and growing their businesses instead of trying to teach themselves the legalities of business formations.

So who are we? We’re a diverse group of attorneys, who together, have decades of experience practicing law. We come from top law schools, big cities, and small towns. Some of us are entrepreneurs, ourselves, who have been exactly where you’re sitting right now. We are moms, dads, dog lovers, writers, runners, and film geeks. The one thing we all share, though, is a passion for people and for helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.