What’s a Registered Agent and Do I Need One?

A registered agent is a person or entity that a company picks to be the official agent for its communications with the state. A registered agent is important because it is the party that receives official communications from the state and other legal communications on behalf of the company. The registered agent has a duty to forward all official business to your company.

Registered agents provide an important function, because even though your company may move around, the state and other entities or individuals that have legal business with you can always find your registered agent.

Each state requires that your company maintain a registered agent at all times. If you fail to name a registered agent, the state can penalize you, including dissolving your company.

You can be your own registered agent, but there are good reasons for using a third party. The third party provides a level of assurance that you will receive important information, like lawsuits and tax notices. Third party registered agents have easy-to-find addresses so things don’t get lost in the mail and they are insured in the event something slips through.

At PUSHTOSTART, we use C T Corporation System as the registered agent for all of the companies we form. C T is considered the leader in the field of registered agents and has a track record of excellence in providing agent services to the companies it serves. They are available in all 50 states.

A registered agent is a formation expense. We have obtained special rates on your behalf with C T Corporation System. Registered Agent services are $99 for the first year, which we pay for. C T will bill you directly for each additional year at rates that are available from them.

You can change a registered agent by filing a form with your state and paying a fee.