Lawyers for Startups


Launch lawyers FTW

PUSHTOSTART is a disruptive innovation to the way startups hire lawyers.

Every startup needs a dedicated legal team. But most can’t afford the high rates and surprise bills. PUSHTOSTART changes all of that.

PUSHTOSTART is a legal product specifically designed for startups, entrepreneurs, and early-growth companies. And it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

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We're not the same, we promise

PUSHTOSTART works differently than other law firms. You’re not billed by the hour. In fact, we invented PUSHTOSTART because we don’t think a startup needs to pay through the nose every month for a decent attorney. Instead, we rely on fair, solution based pricing for your legal representation. Typically, you can expect to get a dedicated startup lawyer for a whole year for one flat price.

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The Deal

Let us explain you a thing

Here’s the deal: You pay one flat price for unlimited legal representation for your first year. The unlimited legal representation includes most types of legal issues that you might expect in the coming year: Entity formation, new business filings, shareholder agreements, corporate compliance, bylaws, operating agreements, leases, IP, trademarks, employee agreements, licensing and tech agreements, contracts. And your very own lawyer on speed dial.

There are, however, important restrictions and limitations you need to know about.

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Apply to the program, or just say hey.

To be considered for membership in the PUSHTOSTART program or to contact us, go to the Connect page.

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